Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gallagher Family Coat of Arms

There are a lot of different types of cultural symbols, the symbol I chose was my family crest because I thought it would be cool to learn about my family crest. In my research I have found out what Gallagher means and the variations of that name and its origins, what the family crest/Gallagher coat of arms mean, and lastly what is the Gallagher motto and what it means to me.
The name Gallagher originated from Ireland. Gallagher was originally derived from the Gaelic O’Gallchobhair. I remember when I was little when my dad told me that O’Gallchobhair means foreign helper or valorous victor. There are at least 30 varations of Gallagher including Gallacher, Gallager, Gallaher, Galliher, Gallaugher, Galagher, Galegher, and Goligher. The Gallagher name was one of the most common Irish surnames in the mid 20thcentury.
The Gallagher family crest has a lot of meanings because the crest itself consists of symbols. Our family crest is also known as the Gallagher coat of arms. The Gallagher coat of arms displays a black lion and it represents fierce courage, and a great warrior or chief. This lion is on a silver shield and the silver on this shield represents sincerity and peace. Underneath the lion is a green snake and the green snake represents wisdom. In Ireland the snake was also a symbol of renewal, and because of its forked tongue it is associated with the sun and lightning. Surrounding the snake are eight green trefoils these trefoils or also known as shamrocks was the symbol of perpetuity and longevity which means eternity and long life. The crest surrounds the helmet and the helmet symbolizes a wise defense. On the top of the helmet is a red crescent surrounding a green snake and this represents hope of glory, one who has been enlightened.  
Every symbol usually has a motto or a pledge with it. For an example the United States flag has the pledge of elegance. The Gallagher’s motto for the coat of arms is in Latin: Mea Gloria Fides and that means “The Faith is My Glory”. I think this motto is religious because it has the word faith in it. This motto means to me that my faith whatever it may be in is my glory.
In my research I have found amazing stuff about my family crest. The first thing I found out was what the name Gallagher meant and the different variations of that name and its origins, second I found out what the family crest/Gallagher coat of arms meant, and lastly I found out what  the Gallagher motto was and what it means to me. I think it’s so important to learn about your family history so you can know the cool things about it.

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